Both Together


A process of unraveling opposite dualities, letting go of expectations, and adjusting to ever-changing needs

Both Together is an abstract ceramic sculpture installation that consists of two separately created pieces leaning against each other in a precariously stable stance. Their placement together was not part of their original ideation but as the long and wild process of building and firing them unfolded it became more and more clear that they might work well together. Each piece does stand on it’s own, but when the two are set up together they unite in a way that represents this intense unraveling of competing dualities co-existing in the same place and time. Many dualities were felt during the process of making these sculptures, but many are also felt in life in general that can be confusing and hard to understand. This piece is meant to represent that and how one can indeed both happy and sad, standing and falling, alone and together, broken and healing, independent and in need, grateful but grieving, etc.

22 x 18 x 11 in