Pictures of Poets Website

Dean Davis, a well-known photographer in Spokane, WA needed a website to bring his project, Pictures of Poets, to life. I worked closely with Dean to craft a simple but strong brand and website that showcases his stunning photographs and poet recordings. 


Creative Lead, Art Director, Information Architect, Visual Designer, UI/UX Designer, Illustrator, CMS Trainer, QA/QC, Front-end Developer


Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, HTML/CSS, WordPress, Google Analytics


Agency: DH
Photography + Content:
Dean Davis
Account: Jennifer Fanto

Key Challenges

One of the key challenges we faced was navigating the vast number of poets (100+) that needed to be featured. Not only did we need to make it easy to find a specific poet, but we also needed the Library of Poets to be capable of custom ordering based on exhibition dates and location data. Dean needed this site to serve as an extension of his exhibitions, where viewers could listen to recordings from poets on the website while moving through a specific show. In addition, we needed to create a system within the CMS that would allow Dean to add new poets quickly and efficiently.


To address the navigation needs of the site we implemented a carefully curated categorization system, allowing users to filter poets by region, exhibition, or date and added the ability for drag and drop custom ordering in the back end. We created a customizable global template for each poet, where it was easy to add key information in for each poet into a database instead of creating separate projects or pages for each poet.


Logo Symbol + Icons



Website design