Wenatchee School District Brand

After months of research, exercise, discussion and feedback, several key themes emerged about the community of Wenatchee and the objective of a new brand for the Wenatchee School District. We leaned on these objectives diversity, transformation, connection, nature, and future-ready to create a brand identity for the school district. Overall, our goal was to create a brand that was inclusive and an equitable, accurate representation of the diverse community, which every student, family and staff member can identify with and feel a sense of belonging, and that the Wenatchee community can recognize and see as a point of pride.


Art Director, Visual Designer, Illustrator, Client Presenter


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pen & Paper


Agency: DH
Creative Director: Linda Jones
Design: Matthew Duncan
Account: Alex. Evans

Brand redesign

Before vs After

Primary Logos

Single color logo color explorations

horizontal logo

Horizontal logo for small applications

Logo symbol

Logo symbol for small applications

Brand colors 

Type pairings

Small application logo mockup

Logo mockups

Pattern explorations

Basic graphic standards